We bring joy through dance and culture.

Based in NYC and rooted in South Asia, we express the diverse Indian diaspora through dance and music. We perform, teach and develop programs at school, work, museums, – anywhere!

Ajna is the premiere performing arts organization celebrating South Asian culture on the East Coast.

Our signature style blends the grace of classical Indian dance, the tradition of folk dances, and the freedom of Bollywood dance. This unique combination focuses on expression and grace, making our performances and work stand out. We work with 500+ schools, partner with Cultural Institutions like Lincoln Center, and perform and lead workshops at museums like the Brooklyn Museum.

THANK YOU for such an amazing residency. The kids had so much fun and the dances were great. Thank you for exposing them to Indian dance! Thanks again!

Jamie C., PS 206K

My kindergarten twin daughters took part in the Ajna Dance residency at PS 8 and they LOVED it. I loved seeing the final performance. My daughters rave about Miss A! Sincere thank you to you for doing this with my kids.

Ritu S., PS 8 Brooklyn

THANK YOU so much for doing a virtual workshop for us. Our instructor was phenomenal. We are already talking about calling Ajna back next year for a bigger, in-person event. The workshop was informative and I love how it got people up and dancing!! The energy was so positive. It’s exactly what we all needed!

Amanda A., Scholastic Inc.

The Holi assembly was engaging, exciting, and educational. The students and parents loved the show and color explosion! It was a colorful, vibrant, and fun event.

Tonnie R., PS 50 Queens
Through dance and music, we deepen our understanding and appreciation of South Asian culture. Our unique educational programs, community events, and immersive performances engage folks of all types in an artistic, authentic way making South Asian culture accessible.

Get immersed in South Asian dance, movement, and culture.