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Brooklyn Children’s Museum

Holi celebration

Since 2019, Ajna has been setting the stage at The Brooklyn Children’s Museum Holi Celebration, engaging over 5000 visitors and community members in a sensory experience that celebrates South Asian food, visual art, cultural traditions, music, dance, and color. Thanks to Ajna’s support, the museum has been able to educate its patrons about the significance of Holi and celebrate the festival with an immersive dance performance and a fun-filled dance workshop for families. And that’s not all! Ajna’s founder, Minila, serves as the cultural curator for the museum’s annual Holi festival, bringing in a range of collaborators including delicious Indian food vendors, Mehndi (Henna) artists, musicians, authors, and other incredible artists. But the real highlight of the day is the procession to Brower Park next to the museum, where the air is filled with the sweet scent of flowers, the beat of music, and the vibrant colors of powder play. The infectious energy of this incredible celebration creates an unforgettable experience that leaves attendees feeling renewed, refreshed, and connected to the rich cultural heritage of South Asia.

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Lincoln Center

Continued Partnership

Autism Awareness Month Performance
Lincoln Center Moments
Breathwork and Meditation Workshop
Family Programming for Holi - Virtual & In Person

Ajna Dance has been partnering with Lincoln Center since 2020 to provide diverse programming and performances. Our collaboration with Lincoln Center starts with developing culturally responsive programs that cater to people of all abilities, ages, and demographics. In honor of Autism Awareness Month, Ajna hosted a sensory-friendly and participatory dance performance. Through Lincoln Center Moments, we curated a performance and interactive program for an elderly population facing dementia-related challenges, bringing joy and connection to them and their caregivers. We also organized Breathwork and Meditation workshops accompanied by live bansuri (flute) and tabla, focusing on self-discovery and relaxation as a part of a wellness series sponsored by New York Presbyterian Hospital. Ajna has also developed a virtual and in-person Family Programming for Holi, celebrating the vibrant spirit of this beloved Indian festival to the public.

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PS 20 - NYC Public School 20

Indian Dance Residency

PS 20, located in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, has been our longest-standing school residency collaboration since 2017. We have worked together with the school administration to identify their goals and develop a multi-week Indian dance residency program that supports their educational objectives. The diverse school community has welcomed our Indian dance company with open arms, fostering a deep appreciation for our artistry and culture among their students. Our immersive residency program at PS 20 has become a beloved tradition and is eagerly anticipated by students, staff, and parents alike. Through engaging workshops and interactive lessons, we introduce the students to the captivating world of Indian dance and culture. The highlight of our partnership is the exhilarating performance at the end of each residency, where students showcase their newfound skills and cultural understanding. 

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Bridgewater Associates

Diwali celebration

Bridgewater Associates, a financial institution based in Connecticut, sought Ajna to help increase its commitment to diversity and inclusion. Ajna developed an educational, interactive, and culturally enriching Diwali dance workshop. We also helped to bring inadditional partners, including a Dholi (drummer) and Mehndi (henna artists), to make the event more comprehensive. This partnership brought to life Ajna’s commitment to partnering with a diverse range of organizations and enhanced Bridgewater’s cultural understanding and inclusivity, contributing to a more culturally rich workplace. Interested in bringing a cultural celebration to your organization? 

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