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Pioneering South Asian dance Education

Ajna offers innovative South Asian dance education programs for students of all ages and backgrounds. We have a decade of experience and have collaborated with hundreds of schools, leaving a lasting impact on young minds

Our Approach

Our customized educational programs provide students with a profound understanding of South Asian dances and their historical significance. Our approach emphasizes cultural learning through dance, movement, and music. We immerse students in the world of dance and teach technique and choreography with a focus on the use of gestures and facial expressions to tell stories and for creative self expression. 

We offer a variety of programs that can be integrated into your school’s calendar, including dance residencies, assemblies, workshops, after-school programs, and family engagement events. We work with communities in-person, remotely, and in hybrid settings. Ajna will customize our workshops and assemblies to be perfect for your audience. We can infuse cardio, mindfulness, yoga, and breathwork into our offerings.


Exploring Identity, Community, and Creative Potential:

We inspire students to explore their identities, cultivate a sense of community, and unleash their creative potential through dance. 

Celebrating Diversity and Fostering Cultural Inclusion:

We promote cultural inclusion through the arts, celebrating diversity and nurturing an appreciation for different cultures, focusing on South Asian heritage. 

Developing Life Skills:

We prioritize life skills, such as teamwork, self-discipline and respect, which are seamlessly integrated into our dance education to prepare students for success across various aspects of life.

How your school can work with Ajna:


Ajna offers a tailored residency program ranging from 4 to 15 weeks, exploring South Asian dance with historical and cultural facets using our curriculum. The program culminates in a student performance. 

Our dance program focuses on technique, creativity, joy, and cultural awareness. We work with schools and teachers to adapt the residency for different classroom settings, including English language learners, ICT, Self-Contained, and District 75 classrooms. We begin our program with an initial planning meeting involving the Ajna teaching artists, school administrators, and classroom teachers. Sometimes, our school partners will schedule an assembly to kick-offthe residency or a family engagement event to coincide with the student performance.

Dances of India Residency (Core Residency Program)

Our Dances of India residency is geared towards Elementary, Middle School and High School students. It offers an In-depth experience of Indian dance and culture including the historical and cultural context of dances from India studies over a longer period of time. The residency spans Classical Indian dance, folk dances and Bollywood dance Learn more

Storytelling and Creative Movement Residency (3K-K)

The Storytelling & Creative Movement Residency is designed for early learners, including 3K, PreK, and Kindergarten students. The program focuses on encouraging creative self-expression through movement,gestures and facial expressions. To achieve this, students are introduced to Classical, folk, and Bollywood dance forms, which help them learn essential universal elements of movement. The program emphasizes the importance of being active, collaborating with others, and using creativity to express oneself Learn more.

Indian Dance Assemblies

Our dance assemblies (PreK-High School) are interactive, engaging, and educational presentations for all students. They offer a fun way to learn about South Asian culture, including its rich history.

Dances of India Assembly

Our Dances of India assembly is ideal for any time of the year when students are studying Asia or India, and also a great way to kick off or end our Dances of India residency. It includes an Introduction to Indian dance, movement, and culture focusing on three styles: Classical, folk, and Bollywood. The assembly consists of a dynamic, engaging, educational, interactive presentation and performance and aBollywood and Bhangra dance workshop for students (and teachers!) Learn more.

Festival/Celebration Assemblies:

We provide engaging and educational assemblies to celebrate festive occasions throughout the year, such as Diwali (in the fall), Holi (in the spring), and Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month (in May). Our assemblies include an introduction and explanation of the significance of the festival, a captivating dance performance and a fun, interactive Bollywood and Bhangra dance workshop. We can also include time for Q&A and a read a loud for younger students Learn more.


Classroom Dance Workshops

Ajna offers flexible classroom workshops tailored to suit your needs. Whether for a one-time immersive experience or a semester – or year-long program, our workshops are designed to engage students in a more intimate and interactive exploration of Indian dance. We work closely with teachers to align the workshop with the student’s curriculum, enhancing their understanding of Asia and India Learn more.

Family/Community Workshops

Bring families and communities together with our 45 to 60-minute dance workshops that offer a window into the Ajna dance experience. These can be stand alone events or integrated into an existing school event. Participants of all ages and skill levels can enjoy a fun and interactive Bollywood and Bhangra dance workshop, fostering a sense of togetherness, joy and appreciation for South Asian culture Learn more.


Our after-school programs explore the vibrant world of Bollywood and Bhangra dance. Programs are designed for students to discover the joy of creative movement and expression, dance technique, body awareness, and choreography. The classes culminate in an exciting student performance, showcasing the skills they have developed throughout the program Learn more.

Special Performances

We offer solo performances or group performances for stand-alone events, multicultural celebrations, school fairs and anything else you can think of Learn more.


We proudly partner with Community Based Organizations across New York City to provide summer dance intensives, workshops and performances as a part of Summer Rising. Students are exposed to Bollywood, Bhangra, classical Indian and folk styles. Students have fun as they move their bodies, use gestures to tell stories and create choreography collaboratively. Most programs work towards a student showcase at the end of the program where communities are invited to join! Learn more.

Get immersed in South Asian dance, movement, and culture.